Monday, March 11, 2013

What is a Leader?

A leader is the dominant trunk of a tree. In nature, trees grow in groves where they all compete for the same light. This environment causes trees to grow straight up forming a strong central leader and a good healthy canopy for collecting energy from the sun. These trees self prune as they grow. Lower branches die back to the trunk when they are still small. These branches become shaded by newer, higher branches and become dry and brittle and break off in the wind.

Aspen Trees in Nature have a Straight Central Leader
Trees in Nature Compete for Light

In urban environments, trees rarely grow in a grove and have no need to compete for light. This unnatural environment is not harmful to trees, but if they are left unchecked they can develop problems, like included bark, that could lead to permanent damage and/or premature death.

Fruit trees differ from ornamental trees and are typically pruned to have an open center. This requires removal of the leader while the tree is still young. It allows light and air flow into the center of the tree. This increases and improves the quality of the fruit produced, and improves the health and longevity of the tree.

The Leader has Been Removed From this Pear Tree
Removing the Leader Will Open the Center of a Fruit Tree

Notice how the leader has been removed in the above image. Strong lateral branches have been chosen to allow this tree to have an open center.

Peach Tree with Open Center
Peach Tree with Open Center

See how the leader has been removed in the tree shown above and three strong lateral branches have gained dominance. This peach tree has an open center that will improve its ability to produce high yields.

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  1. How about Apricot trees

  2. Apricot trees will produce best if the leader is removed. Please send pictures of your tree and I will give you some advise on how to improve fruit production.