Saturday, September 13, 2014

Increase Light

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular as engineers improve efficiency and lower cost, yet plants have been harvesting energy from the sun before the existence of mankind. Before any other life was introduced to the earth plants were thriving on solar energy. As a matter of fact, plants are so efficient at harvesting the sun's energy that all other life forms on this earth rely directly or indirectly on the energy they store.

Energy Storage: Electricity Vs Sugar
Energy Storage - Electricity vs Sugar

Solar panels and plants differ in that solar panels create electricity which is difficult to store and transport. Plants store energy in a very stable, efficient substance with the chemical make up C6H12O6 (sugar). For every carbon atom there are two hydrogen and one oxygen atom, so another way to write the equation is 6 C (carbon) and 6 H2O (water). Plants take in CO2 (carbon dioxide gas) and water and with the energy from the sun they create sugar and emit oxygen as a byproduct.

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To maximize your sugar generator's ability to create fruit, make sure you treat them like a solar panel. Plant them in full sun, open up the center of the tree so that light can penetrate the tree and touch each and every branch.

Solar Energy Converts Carbon Dioxide and Water into Sugar
Solar Energy Converts Carbon and Water to Sugar

Sunlight is extremely important, but remember, for our formula to work you must also provide plenty of water and carbon dioxide. So water your tree regularly and your trees will have no shortage of carbon dioxide. I guess if you were worried about a CO2 shortage you could keep your car idling in the driveway, ... but I don't recommend it.

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