Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What is Espalier Prunning?

Espalier pruning is a great way to get high yields in small spaces while providing a real piece of living sculpture in your garden. An espalier fruit tree is pruned and trained flat, usually against a wall or fence. This style does take a bit more work and maintenance because you are fighting against the trees natural growth pattern. In a future blog posts we will show you how to start and maintain an espalier fruit tree like the one in the image below.

Espalier Fruit Tree
This method of pruning is advanced and requires a good understanding of fruit tree anatomy and fruit tree biology. This blog is an excellent resource to better your understanding and knowledge about fruit tree care and pruning. if you are interested in starting your own espalier fruit tree or if you have one and would like more information about how to prune it please contact us via email at russ@simplytreesut.com and we may feature your tree in an upcoming blog post.

To learn more about the information in this post please visit our website at www.simplytreesut.com and under the services page click education.

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