Thursday, December 31, 2015

Out With the New, in With the Old!

Old truths often triumph over new fads. Thousands of years ago, before internet and cell phones, people learned valuable truths from the garden. One example is the phrase, "You reap what you sow". This saying applies as much today as it did then, even though, in our world of computers, very few of us are actually sowing seeds and harvesting crops in the field. 

With the start of the New Year I would like to discuss another important truth that we can learn from the garden. Fruit trees are pruned every year. Young growth is often weak and unproductive for several years. When a tree puts out too much new growth it will often shade the older more productive branches, robbing them of the light that they need to produce a good crop.

Older Branches are Stronger and More Productive
Are your New Year resolutions requiring you to do more than you are already doing? Well, don't be surprised if you fail before the end of the month. You are busy. You could do more, but your exhausted. Instead of getting up early to go to gym, or staying up late for personal development, approach your resolutions like your would a fruit tree that needs pruning. Don't make a list of things that you should be doing. Make a list of things that you shouldn't be doing. What things on your schedule can be removed so that you can live a more fruitful and productive life? Do you really think that getting up early to go to the gym will last more than a month when you are already struggling to stay afloat? You need the sleep. You need the gym too, but you can't add a regular exerciser routine without significantly simplifying your life.

A Simple Life Can be the Most Fruitful
Removing branches in a tree will increase light to the most productive branches, it will prevent branch failure when the weight of ripe fruit has reached it max, and will help prevent disease and pest infestations by increasing airflow to the center of the tree. So with this New Year consider simplifying the doing less instead of adding more to your complicated schedule by doing more. If you learn from this life lesson learned in the garden your chances of successfully completing your resolutions this year will significantly increase.

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