Monday, January 12, 2015

How Often do Fruit Trees Need Pruning?

Fruit trees should be pruned every year. Pruning fruit trees actually stimulates more growth, which makes it that much more important to prune your trees regularly. Also, yearly pruning will  stimulate more fruit production. When done right, your tree will produce more consistently, and the fruit will be larger and healthier (with fewer pests). Regular pruning will also extend the life of your tree. As branches become less productive, or die (for whatever reason) you will be able to remove those branches and replace them with younger more productive ones.

Fruit Trees Should be Pruned Every Year

To find out when the best time is to prune your fruit trees, follow this link:

Your fruit trees should only need to be pruned once a year, but it is still important to inspect them periodically through the summer, fall and winter to make sure your trees are healthy and growing in the right direction. Light pruning as needed during the summer can simplify your main pruning in the spring.

So pull out your new calendar each year and go ahead and schedule your pruning. Typically this can be your very first gardening task of the year. For me, pruning means spring has begun, so the earlier I make my way out to the garden the better.

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