Monday, March 25, 2013

Strong Branch Angle

Branches that are more perpendicular to a trunk are stronger than those that are more parallel. Ideally, a fork should be 45 to 90 degrees.

Weak Verses Strong Branch Angles
Watch this video demonstration showing the different results of downward pressure on two branches at different angles.

Notice below how the branch on the right broke and only split one to two inches while the one on the left split six to eight inches and the split nearly removed half of the main branch.

Split Branches
When choosing which branch to cut and which to leave, consider the angle at which the branch is in relation to the trunk.

For more information regarding the pruning terms used in this post, visit our pruning page here.


  1. That is soo why we had to cut down one of our trees after a heavy early snow storm. The snow broke one of the main branches and it split most of the way down the trunk. It was so depressing since it was our major shade tree. Wish it had been pruned better!

  2. I see it everyday! Mature trees have so many great benefits from shade, air filtration, urban wildlife, aesthetics, etc. It's a shame to see one taken out before it has reached the end of its life. So many years invested and then it's gone after one snow storm. Damage like this can easily be avoided if pruning is done regularly when the tree is still young.