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Organic Pest Control For Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees are susceptible to a complex and diverse array of diseases and there are an equally complex and diverse number of products on the market to control these same diseases. Fruit trees, fruit tree diseases, and how they interact with each other is a very complicated subject and we are only beginning to understand this biological relationship and how it is directly affecting the human race. This article is designed to help you understand basic fruit trees disease control and to encourage you to treat your trees without the use of synthetic chemical sprays that could negatively affect the health of your trees, your family, and the environment. Simply Trees is committed to helping you diagnose, treat, and prevent the most common fruit tree diseases in a safe and effective manner. As you read this article feel free to click through the links provided for more detailed information and resources.

Fruit Tree Disease is Complex and Diverse

It would take years to list every disease that can affect your fruit trees because of the shear number of organisms that your fruit trees attract. Classifying fruit tree diseases into the following 6 categories will help you to determine the best organic method of treatment

  • Cultural
  • Environmental
  • Animal
  • Insect
  • Fungal
  • Bacterial
  • Viral

Classification as a Fungi is as Good as Identification

Fruit Tree Disease Control is Equally Complex and Diverse

Walk into a big box store, garden center, or nursery and you will see a wall of products designed to help you treat fruit tree diseases. It’s difficult to decide what products will work best for the specific disease that you are trying to control. Spraying your fruit tree is only one way to control disease and it’s not just a matter of deciding between organic or synthetic chemicals. There are several tools that can be utilized in your quest for a healthy fruit tree. For example, consider the following tools in your efforts to control fruit tree diseases.

  • Improve cultural practices
  • Install physical barriers
  • Place traps
  • Utilize natural biological controls
  • Spray organic plant extracts
  • Dust with geological products

Understanding the Relationship Between Fruit Trees and Fruit Tree Disease

Fruit trees have been an important food source since the beginning of mankind. Before humans existed on this earth, fruit trees and other organisms coexisted and coevolved for thousands, even millions of years. As we continue to learn about this ancient relationship we are constantly discovering new ways of improving fruit tree health without interrupting the natural processes that have evolved to thwart pest infestations. History is full of examples that expose our lack of knowledge on this subject. In our attempt to eradicate pests we have often made the problems worse and negatively affected the environment that we are a part of.

Spiders are an Example of Biological Control

The Basics of Fruit Tree Disease Control

As you can see, disease control for fruit trees is not something to take lightly. We are committed to learning and educating our customers on the safest and most effective products available today. Although disease control is complicated we will simplify this subject so that you can make educated decisions on the best way to care for your fruit trees. The following are the six steps to organic pest control in fruit trees.

  1. Inspect your trees regularly for symptoms of disease
  2. Determine the threshold in which intervention is necessary
  3. Use the proper treatment starting with the safest, least aggressive method available
  4. Monitor for results
  5. Integrate more aggressive methods of control as needed

The more that you understand about the disease that you are treating, the better you will be able to determine the best control method. Proper timing and placement are crucial for effective disease control in fruit trees, so once you have identified symptoms and identified or classified the cause of those symptoms we hope that you will return to this site often to determine when intervention is necessary and the safest most effective way to treat. Most fruit tree diseases can be controlled without the use of chemical pest controls that can negatively affect your tree’s health, your family, and the environment.

Simply Trees is Committed to Helping you Diagnose, Treat and Prevent Fruit Tree Disease

As you have read through this article, we hope that you have notice or even followed the links embedded in the text. We have included the best resources available to you, high quality articles and videos packed with detailed, yet simple to follow information, and high quality products specifically designed to help you with your fruit tree care. If there are any other ways that we can help you please feel free to comment below or email us directly at If you are interested in joining our backyard fruit growers community, come join our Backyard Fruit Growers Facebook page with thousands of active home fruit growers and fruit growing professionals, the wealth of knowledge is truly amazing.

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Thank you for reading this article! We hope that the information provided is both helpful and useful in your fruit growing endeavors. We hope that this article will better prepare you to diagnose, treat and prevent pest infestations in your fruit trees with the safest and most effective organic methods available. We are confident that organic disease control is the best way to maintain the health of your trees, your family, and the environment. Fruit trees are an import part of our existence and the environment and keeping them healthy will also improve your quality of life and the lives of others. With all of the many diseases and disease control methods we hope that you will visit often and continue your education and continue to grow healthy organic food.

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