Saturday, October 31, 2015

Why are the Base of Fruit Tree Trunks Painted White?

Have you ever seen rows and rows of trees on the side of the road with white trunks? Not white bark, but painted white trunks? Why are the trunks painted white?

Rows of White Painted Tree Trunks
Some growers paint the trunks of their trees white to prevent winter bark damage. In the cold winter months trees with dark bark absorb the sun's warmth, expanding the bark. As the colder temperatures hit at night, the bark contracts. This freezing and thawing, expansion and contraction can cause permanent damage to a fruit tree. So, for that reason some growers have decided to paint the trunk of their trees white to reflect the winter sun, minimizing extreme temperature swings on the tree's bark.

White Paint Can Protect Your Trees From Winter Bark Damage
Although this treatment is effective, it is not the most attractive way to protect your trees from winter bark damage. Tree wraps are a great way to protect your tree's trunk in the winter and can be easily removed in the spring when the danger of freezing temperatures has passed.

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